History of Sechelt Hospital

Exterior of Hospital

Appreciation of SIB

Until 1930, residents of the Sechelt Peninsula had to rely on a Columbia Coast Mission hospital ship or be transported to Vancouver for their major medical needs. Plans were made to barge buildings to a site in Garden Bay to house the first local hospital.

A savage January storm that year swept one of the buildings into the sea, high jacking it to Telegraph Cove on Vancouver Island, where it still sits today.

In spite of this setback, August 16, 1930, marked the official opening of the original Sechelt Hospital, located in Garden Bay, British Columbia.

As the population grew on the Lower Sunshine Coast, it became evident that a more centrally located hospital facility was necessary. In 1962, for a sum of one dollar, the Sechelt Indian Band donated 11.2 acres of land for the new hospital to be built in Sechelt. This is the site where the hospital stands today. In 2015 the hospital’s name was changed from St. Mary’s Hospital to Sechelt Hospital.

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