Upcoming MedTalks


Home Sweet Home with Dr. John Sloan on home support for frail elderly on the Sunshine Coast. Sunday, Sept. 28th 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.  Sechelt Seniors Activity Centre.

About MedTalks

MedTalks is a health and wellness educational event series produced by Sechelt Hospital Foundation in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health, various subject matter experts, local staff and resources available here on the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Credit Union has been the founding sponsorship partner since 2017.  Each MedTalk is intended to address a health issue facing our community, with information about illness prevention and proactive health management. Please register via email: sh.foundation@vch.ca  or call 604-885-8637.

Past MedTalks (Recordings)

MedTalks Health & Wellness promotion series is an initiative of Sechelt Hospital Foundation, focused on mental, physical and emotional well-being. The community is invited to learn, laugh and listen to our internationally recognized speakers’ experiences and discover local resources on the Sunshine Coast.

Please visit our youtube channel for all the Med Talks

Dr. Brian Goldman – The Power of Kindness – July 2019
Co-hosted fundraising & kindness promotion event.

The Road To Regaining My Speech After a Stroke
Gord Crandlemire – MedTalks Feb 22 2019

Telehealth & Rehabilitation Services On the Sunshine Coast
Medtalks Feb 22nd 2019

Prenatal & Newborn Support Services on the Sunshine Coast – Sandra Grant
Medtalks March 6th

Dr. David Wood – Heart & Stroke Q&A
MedTalks Feb 22nd 2019

Babies and Breastfeeding – Medtalks Q&A
MedTalks March 6th 2019

Babies, Breastfeeding & Empowering Parents – Dr. Jack Newman
Medtalks March 6th

Self Medication, Cannabis & Pain Management
Dr. Anthony Barale – Medtalks Nov 2018

Mental Health Literacy & Feedback from Teens
Vanessa White – Medtalks Nov 2018

Plant Medicine: Options & Effects & Dispensary Access

Robin Kehler – Medtalks Nov 2018

Cannabis Questions & Answers

Medtalks Nov 2018

Barry Krangle and Craig Moore “Conquering Fear: Life Before and After a Health Event”

Below the Belt: November 3rd, 2017 – Dr. Larry Goldenberg “Men’s Health: Addressing a Matter of Family Well-being”

Dr. Larry Goldenberg, Urologic Surgeon and International prostate cancer clinical scientist.

Kate Naphtali “Everyone is Pleasure-ABLE”

Kate Naphtali, Sechelt Hospital Occupational Therapist, reviews devices for intimate recovery (PG-18+ content).

Video: Vanessa White “Why Mental Health First Aid?”
An overview of the course and why it can benefit all of us.

Vanessa White is Director of Instruction for Student Support Services for Sunshine Coast School District 46.  She has a varied background in Special Education and Counselling, and has been teaching Mental Health First Aid for Adults who interact with Youth as part of her portfolio since 2015.  She has a vision that every adult on the Coast will take this course in order to provide a safety net of support for our youth and children.

Mind Matters: May 28th, 2017

Video: Victoria Maxwell “Funny, You Don’t Look Crazy” (Still to come)
A lively presentation on living with bipolar disorder.

Victoria Maxwell, BFA / BPP* (Crazy for Life Co.) Since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, anxiety and psychosis, Victoria has become one of North America’s sought after speakers on the lived experience of mental illness, recovery and work. Her one-person shows tour across North America and have garnered awards in both the United States and Canada. You will also find Victoria blogging for Psychology Today under ‘Crazy for Life: Escapades of a Bipolar Princess’.

Since 2004, she has been presenting keynote performances and workshops to conferences in Canada and the States helping health professionals, individuals and families better understand the ‘insider’s’ experience of mental illness and recovery. Her programs and shows offer tools and hope to build wellness and reduce stigma of this, one of the very last taboos.

*Bachelor of Fine Arts / Bi-Polar Princess


Video: Susann Richter “Mental Health & Addictions Resources on the Coast”

Susann Richter is the Manager, Mental Health & Addiction Services for the Sunshine Coast. Susann has worked in the fields of mental health and addiction and community engagement with Vancouver Coastal Health since 1997.  She has also practised law and worked in the not for profit sector.  She is very passionate about social equity and human rights and brings this passion to her position.

Aging Well: August 27th, 2017

Video: Torah Kachur, PhD: “Reversing the Aging Process”
A lively presentation on biology and lifestyle impacts.

Dr. Torah Kachur is CBC Radio One’s National Science columnist and a sessional professor at the University of Alberta. In between exploring the planet and warping young scientists’ minds, she completed her PhD from the University of Alberta in the wonderfully irrelevant field of worm gonads and molecular genetics. The reality of studying worm gonads for the rest of her life forced Torah into doing something she loves even more than worms and that’s talking about science. Each week on CBC, Torah explains the latest and greatest science news stories and gets to talk about everything from white blood cells to black holes. She can be heard talking to Stephen Quinn on On the Coast every Thursday. Currently, Torah is guest hosting a CBC Radio flagship show – Quirks and Quarks.

Video: Louise Rolland, University of Victoria: “Thriving and Surviving”
An overview of proactive health workshops and one-to-one health coaching & local support.

Louise Rolland helps those living with chronic conditions to live happier and healthier in between visits with their health care professionals. Louise joined the University of Victoria in 2011 as Office Manager and Program Coordinator for the Sunshine Coast Region. She had been a Volunteer Leader and Master Trainer since 2006. Her background in health care, trauma counselling, criminal justice system and social programs have proven to be an asset in the work she is involved in with Self-Management BC. Focusing on healing arts, self-management concepts and the opportunity to administer and deliver these programs are fulfilling her lifelong passion to help others.


Video: Jody Shaw, Physiotherapist: “Motion is Lotion”
Why movin’ is medicine and how to sweeten your dose.

Jody Shaw is a registered physiotherapist, working with Home Care Services on the Sunshine Coast since 2009. Prior to this she spent eleven years working at Sechelt Hospital, primarily in Outpatients. Over her 30+ year career, Jody held the Clinical Specialist position on the spinal cord unit of G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre and worked in physical rehab both in Ontario and Australia. Currently she owns and operates a private physiotherapy practise in Wilson Creek, Centrepoint Physiotherapy, in addition to her work in Home Care.

Jody is a strong proponent of remaining active throughout life. She tries to practise what she preaches, and is often to be found kayaking, biking or dabbling in some other activity. She hopes to share some of her strategies and insights with you today in the hopes that you, too, will be inspired to “keep moving”.