About MedTalks

MedTalks is a health and wellness educational event series produced by Sechelt Hospital Foundation in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health, various subject matter experts, local staff and resources available here on the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Credit Union has been the founding sponsorship partner since 2017.  Each MedTalk is intended to address a health issue facing our community, with information about illness prevention and proactive health management.

Past MedTalks (Recordings)

MedTalks Health & Wellness promotion series is an initiative of Sechelt Hospital Foundation, focused on mental, physical and emotional well-being. The community is invited to learn, laugh and listen to our internationally recognized speakers’ experiences and discover local resources on the Sunshine Coast.

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Sweet Things – Strategies for Type 2 Diabetics that work for EVERYONE!

Airway Health on the Sunshine Coast with Dr. Pat Camp

Air Quality & Health, A Prevention Approach with Darren Molder

Skin Cancer Awareness & Prevention – Dr. Christina Scali

Q&A May 2023 – Skin Cancer

Lung Power & Respiratory Health – Questions & Answers – Sept 25, 2023

Spirometry on the Sunshine Coast with Kala Bennett & Rosemarie Rae

Dr. Kelsey Mills – Understanding Menopause

Local Skin Cancer Treatments – Dr. Ramin Kholdebarin

Kelsey Oxley – Medical Imaging Services at Sechelt Hospital

Breast Health – Are You Dense? with Dr. Paula Gordon

What Does Optimal Breast Screening Look Like? With Dr. Paula Gordon

Women’s Health, Understanding Breast Health & Managing Hormonal Changes

Accessing Home Care Services on the Coast, part 1

Accessing Home Care Services on the Coast, part 2

MedTalks: Mindful Consumption, Alcohol Impacts & Alternatives

What you need to know about vaccine plans on the Sunshine Coast

Full Circle! The Impact of Gifts at Sechelt Hospital

Beyond Burnout – The Healing Power of Hope

Rahul’s MedTalks Meditations

SURGE PROTECTION: Sunshine Coast COVID Physician Task Force Community Update

COVID 19 – Navigating re-integration – Cultivating our Collective Resilience

COVID 19 – Loneliness and Compassion – Cultivating our Collective Resilience

COVID 19 – Navigating re-integration (part 2) – Cultivating our Collective Resilience

COVID 19 – Shame and Compassion – Cultivating our Collective Resilience

COVID 19 – Frustration and Anger – Cultivating our Collective Resilience

COVID 19 – Sadness and Grief – Cultivating our Collective Resilience

COVID 19 – Anxiety – Cultivating our Collective Resilience

Managing COVID Emotions – Cultivating our Collective Resilience

Q&A – Home Sweet Home
Medtalks Sept 2019

Johanna Trimble – Is your mom on drugs?
Medtalks Sept 2019

Katy Lieffers – Home Care Realities & Resources on the Sunshine Coast
Medtalks Sept 2019

Dr. John Sloan – Treating Frail Elderly at Home
MedTalks Sept 2019

Dr. Brian Goldman – The Power of Kindness – July 2019
Co-hosted fundraising & kindness promotion event.

Sandra Squires – Prenatal & Newborn Support Services on the Sunshine Coast
Medtalks March 6th

Dr. David Wood – Heart & Stroke Q&A
MedTalks Feb 22nd 2019

Gord Crandlemire – The Road To Regaining My Speech After a Stroke
MedTalks Feb 22 2019

Telehealth & Rehabilitation Services On the Sunshine Coast
Medtalks Feb 22nd 2019

Dr. Jack Newman – Babies, Breastfeeding & Empowering Parents
Medtalks March 6th

Babies and Breastfeeding – Medtalks Q&A
MedTalks March 6th 2019

Dr. Anthony Barale – Self Medication, Cannabis & Pain Management
Medtalks Nov 2018

Cannabis Questions & Answers
Medtalks Nov 2018

Robin Kehler – Plant Medicine: Options & Effects & Dispensary Access
Medtalks Nov 2018

Vanessa White – Mental Health Literacy & Feedback from Teens
Medtalks Nov 2018

Susann Richter – Mental Health & Addictions Resources on the Coast
Medtalks May 2017

Victoria Maxwell  – Funny, You Don’t Look Crazy
Medtalks May 2017

Vanessa White “Why Mental Health First Aid?
Medtalks May 2017


Torah Kachur – Aging Well
Medtalks Aug 2017

Louise Rolland – Thriving and Surviving
Medtalks Aug 2017

Jody Shaw – Motion is Lotion
Medtalks Aug 2017

Dr. Larry Goldenberg – Men’s Health
Medtalks Nov 2017

Kate Naphtali “Everyone is Pleasure-ABLE”
Medtalks Nov 2017 (PG-18+ content).

Barry Krangle and Craig Moore – Conquering Fear
Medtalks Nov 2017