Funding Priorities


The Sechelt Hospital Foundation has a clear vision of our coastal community.  We see a place where personal health, emotional support, physical care and life saving services are robust and readily available. Supporting access to the best medicine on the Sunshine Coast for the benefit of all residents is our priority.

Since our last edition of Funding Priorities (2019–2021), the Hospital Foundation worked closely with Sechelt Hospital’s leadership team to respond to the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic and to fund necessary ventilation system upgrades, new medical equipment, facility renovations, respiratory testing, and immunization clinic requirements for the growing population of the Sunshine Coast. As the pandemic enters its third year, the health care requirements of
residents continue to evolve and to multiply as more families and individuals move here in search of the Coast’s quality of life.

The Hospital Foundation will continue to raise funds to help respond to our community’s health care needs.

Over the next two years, Sechelt Hospital Foundation will focus on three core areas:

HEALTHY BODIES: fund the purchase of diagnostic and treatment equipment.

HEALTHY SPACES: breathe new life into old buildings at Sechelt Hospital and in our community health care facilities.

HEALTHY MINDS: support professional development of health care staff and keep everyone informed about preventive and proactive health.



  • Incubator
  • Infant warming tables (5)

Cost: $250,000

Emergency Department

  • Blood & IV fluid infusers

Cost: $100,000

Medical Imaging

  • Portable Xray ($150,000)
  • Enhanced treatments and diagnostics in ultrasound and echocardiography
  • Fluoroscopy machine ($350,000)

Cost: $500,000

Surgical Services

  • Medical Device Repositioning expansion
  • Anesthesia monitors
  • Breast and chest area wire system

Cost: $350,000

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

  • Transfer assist machines
  • Treatment beds
  • Platform walkers
  • Knee and hip replacement range of motion kits
  • Wound care mattresses

Cost: $85,000



The continuation of MedTalks as a community health promotion and wellness series of relevant and timely topics with direct
connection to community support groups and services available on the Sunshine Coast.

Cost: $15,000–20,000/year

 Professional Development

The Staff Education Fund supports the professional development of Sechelt Hospital and Sunshine Coast health care staff. Enabling our health care teams to continually upgrade their knowledge to keep pace with advances in technology and health care practices

Cost: $20,000




Lab Services Renovation

The lab at Sechelt Hospital has 12 staff members who work in 800 square feet of space while performing 250,000 tests around the clock, every day of the year.

In order to perform more tests locally and to create a more functional work environment, Sechelt Hospital’s Lab Services Department must expand across the hallway to accommodate 10 examination stations and blood chemistry analysis machines.

Cost: $370,000

New Operating Room

Currently, Sechelt Hospital conducts over 2,600 surgeries and procedures in a space designed in the late 1960s. Expansion requires substantial renovations to handle the increased demand for surgery on the Sunshine Coast.

Cost: To be supported by a comprehensive fundraising and community engagement campaign.

Mental Health and Addictions

A purpose built, welcoming and respectful Mental Health & Substance Use Treatment Facility to replace the current care units with an inspired space that meets the needs of mental health patients and practitioners. This facility will address the need for group meeting rooms, expanded inpatient care space, community outreach services, and harm reduction clinics.

Cost: To be supported by a comprehensive fundraising and community engagement campaign.

Home for Off-Coast Health Care Providers

Ongoing commitment for Foundation House, a rental property for visiting physicians, health specialists and medical students to ensure we accommodate and welcome health care professionals who may someday call the Coast home.

Cost: $30,000