Community Shot Campaign

Community Shot Campaign

Presented by Sechelt Hospital Foundation supporters, Kate & Dave Barratt

“ The pandemic has presented many challenges but it’s nice to know that with vaccines becoming available, we should soon be back to more normal lives with friends and family.

When your turn comes, as a gesture of thankfulness for the opportunity to receive your vaccine, please consider making a contribution to the Sechelt Hospital Foundation to support the work they do with the Sechelt Hospital.”


Kate & Dave Barratt

Dave and Kate grew up in Montreal. We arrived on the Sunshine Coast in January 2004. We enjoy gardening, paddling, the beautiful BC outdoors and we love spending time with our grandchildren.

We were inspired by a feeling of gratitude when we heard that we would soon be vaccinated. We banged pots in the Spring to recognize the efforts of our healthcare workers. Now we’re proposing that, as a gesture of thankfulness, people could make a contribution to the Sechelt Hospital Foundation, when they get their vaccination.

“I got my shot, thanks a lot!”