Re-Charging Station

Re-Charging Station

Physicians at Sechelt Hospital work to take care of a steady stream of community members, and they need a place to decompress, to converse, to connect and to catch a deep breath.

Medical Staff Association leaders, Dr. Karen Forgie and Dr. Brian Nelson, seated below “Clearing Skies” donated painted series from Ruth Rodgers.

The Sechelt Hospital’s Physician Lounge just received a long overdue renovation from its original 1964 design.

In September of 2020, Gerry Latham, Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) Director, approached the Sechelt Hospital Foundation for support to renovate one of the oldest parts of the hospital.  “The vision was to renovate an area that had grown very tired and create a space for the physicians to rest and recharge while on long, stressful shifts, a place to enjoy a quiet few moments while grabbing a snack or lunch and a place to meet with colleagues throughout the day,” remarked Latham.

Sechelt Hospital Foundation agreed to commit over $200,000 of donor contributions to design and renovate the space. VCH Project Manager Steve Roberts worked with Hospital Facilities and Maintenance and local contractors from Spani Developments to bring the project in on time and on budget.

Working in partnership and with funding from the Medical Staff Association, Drs. Karen Forgie and Brian Nelson (photo by Leslie Ghag), and the Hospital Foundation helped to create and furnish a space that is more of a home away from home, with private washroom and shower, two sleep rooms, as well as a confidential meeting space to discuss patient medical matters.  “Located close to the Emergency Department and Hospital Operating Rooms, we hope the renovated space represents an environment which fosters re-charging and reconnection,” said Dr. Karen Forgie, President of the Medical Staff Association.

“When we need them, our health care team works hard to take care of us and our entire community, it’s time they had a place where they can take care of themselves.  We are pleased to support our Physicians and to share the community’s appreciation for what they do each day,” said Sechelt Hospital Foundation Executive Director, Jane Macdonald.

Non-ribbon cutting with safe spacing L to R: Steve Roberts, VCH Director – Gerry Latham, Dr. Karen Forgie, Dr. Brian Nelson, Paul White and Jane Macdonald, Sechelt Hospital Foundation. All Photos by Leslie Ghag.


Dr. Karen Forgie and VCH Director, Gerry Latham oversee the installation of Physician Lounge art piece “Being” donated by Hiroshi Shimazaki in support of wellness.