Cause Marketing

“Cause Marketing encompasses a wide variety of commercial activity that aligns a company or brand with a cause to generate business and societal benefits.” – Definition from Cause Marketing Forum

Companies will often develop a marketing program for their business, or for specific product lines or services, that incorporates a return on sales to a non-profit organization, along with various other types of engagement between the firm and the charity. The company’s employees may volunteer for the organization, or the company may incorporate news about the charity in its on- and off-line marketing and communications campaigns.

An example of cause marketing is the contribution made by TELUS and by its TELUS Ambassadors of $50,000 to Sechelt Hospital Foundation as the result of a local Satellite television marketing campaign. $100 from the sale of each new satellite television subscription, during a certain sales period, was donated to the Foundation.

A cause-marketing program is considered a direct business expense, and as such, a charitable tax receipt is not issued; however the campaign business expenses are tax deductible. The charity will always develop an appropriate, mutually beneficial recognition program for the business.

Making Arrangements

Please contact Sechelt Hospital Foundation, or 604.885.8637 to make a major corporate gift or to discuss your cause-marketing program.