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“The encouragement of the physiotherapist at Sechelt Hospital helps me get through it.”

A balancing act

Evelyn Hemstreet of Sechelt, BC, had knee replacement surgery at Lions Gate Hospital, and is receiving her post-operative physiotherapy at Sechelt Hospital. The hospital has a full range of rehabilitation and physiotherapy equipment, plus highly qualified staff to design and guide individual patients’ regimens.

“Everyone has been fabulous,” says Evelyn, “I couldn’t ask for better care. The staff is just great. They really want the best for you. Plus, the camaraderie with the other patients has boosted my spirits. I’ll need up to six months of physiotherapy for full recovery. It’s just terrific that I can do this at home.”


“I had my chemo here, and am now participating in physiotherapy.”

Ashley Doyle

Ashley Doyle, 28, is a survivor of breast cancer and breast reconstruction surgery. She has lived in Roberts Creek for the last four years. Prior to her bout with breast cancer, the graphic designer worked for the Coast Reporter.

“After surgery to remove one breast and some lymph nodes, as well as to reconstruct and reduce for matching,” explains Ashley, “I received my chemotherapy here at Sechelt Hospital. It was great to be able to do it close to home. Now I am working with the staff in physiotherapy at the hospital to regain full use of my affected arm and shoulder muscles.”

“The service and support is great here. After starting chemo it was really easy to get hold of the nurses when I had concerns or questions.”

The best news is that Ashley has the full support of our hospital staff to help her get ready for her upcoming nuptials.


“I think I’ve learned my lesson!”

Callum Vaughn

Callum Vaughn grew up in Sechelt, a typical teenager, taking risks doing his favourite activities – hockey, baseball, snowboarding, wakeboarding and Frisbee. He admits to many injuries – particularly dislocating his shoulder several times over the years. He finally did enough damage hitting the hockey boards that he required surgery to repair his ligaments.

“I may become a physiotherapist,” shares Callum, who plans to attend Camosun College in January 2013 to take the Exercise and Wellness Program. “I’ve learned so much from the staff at Sechelt Hospital, who have been very patient with me in treating my various injuries.”


“I’ve had a happy, normal pregnancy and am receiving regular check-ups at Sechelt Hospital.”

Haley Benson

Haley Benson of Gibsons was six months pregnant when she went in to Sechelt Hospital for her second ultrasound to check on her baby’s health and position. All is well.

“I’m due in mid-July,” says Haley, “and I’ve had excellent care here on the Coast, both from my obstetrician, Dr. Petzold, and from the staff here at Sechelt Hospital.”

A graduate of the Capilano College Care Aid program, Haley works at Sechelt Hospital supporting the nurses and the patients with day-to-day, inpatient services.


Celebrating a “Re-Birthday”

One year ago, as a passenger in a car, Shirley Nelson’s heart stopped. Thanks to
the proximity of Sechelt Hospital’s Emergency Room and her fiancé Tom’s ability
to navigate back roads while applying CPR chest compressions, Drs. Hourigan
and Wadge successfully re-booted Shirley’s heart. After performing 15 minutes of
CPR and applying an Automated External Defibrillator, Shirley was stabilized and
then transferred to St. Paul’s Hospital where she spent two months recovering. As
Shirley remarked “I am so grateful for Tom, my guardian angel on this side, and for
the care Sechelt Hospital provided for my entire family…not just me, as the patient.

Shirley Nelson Drs. Hourigan and Wadge Best Medicine Re-birthdayThanks to Dr. John Hourigan, Dr. Sara Wadge and the Sechelt Hospital Emergency
Room team, Shirley (pictured here with daughter Lennea Perpet on far right) lived to
walk down the aisle and now calls February 2nd her very own “re-birthday”!